Get guitar chords easily with Chord Tracker by Yamaha

Chord Tracker by Yamaha is an app for a musician who wants to get chords of a song.
It’s for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and it’s free!!
It can be used simply just by choosing a song, but it also has advanced features for those who want even more.

This is the app’s icon.
App Store link is:


When you start the app, you can see the artists’ list.
The songs you play with the stock music player are all shown in the list.


When you choose a song, wait for a sec.
After the loading, the app automatically gives you separated measures.
You can start from any bat you want.


You can get even more details of a chord.


Tap the share button for more features.
You can send the analysis to a musical instrument and also add the song to favorites.


Let’s tap Chord Analysis Settings.
In the Re-analysis, you can change the tempo and the meter.
Changing the tempo, you can get even more chords for a specific measure.
For example, if there is a chord change in a certain measure, you can only get the first chord with the Original setting.
If you change the tempo, you can also get the second chord of that measure.
Changing the meter seems to be not necessary for rock music.


With Detail Settings, you can shift the beat and change the key.
The first feature is necessary when the automatically devided measures do not fit the real beat.
The second feature will do a lot when you use a capo.


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